my boyfriend and i are taking a vacation in july and want to get certified as scuba divers. What are some good places? Please name as many as you can think of. Also, pinching pennies isnt a huge priority. Also, i stress we are going IN JULY bc i know a lot of good places may not be ideal in july bc of weather conditions that month.

You’re actually better off to get certified at home before your vacation.
1/ There are dive shops everywhere. You don’t need to be near an ocean to learn to dive.
2/ If your local conditions are "cooler" water, that’s actually good. You’ll be a better trained diver than the person on that "resort course". In my experience, the Instructors are also usually better at home than at a resort destination. They will see you again, a resort Instructor won’t.
3/ Training at home means that when you jump off the plane at your resort, you can go diving.
Learning at the resort and you’ll blow at least 2 days of your vacation in class and not heading out to the reef.
4/ Your instructors at home are fluent in your language. Not sort of fluent…they are fluent.
5/ The money you spend on your course stays in your economy, not some other country. The price is usually the same as well.

That all said, and money no object, three destinations come in mind for Open Water students.
A: Cozumel, off the east coast of Mexico. It’s the northern extension of the world’s second largest barrier reef system and is in a tourist safe region.
B: The east coasts of Honduras and Belize. Both are dotted with dive resorts and are the main part of the second largest barrier reef.
C: Sharm el Sheikh, in Egypt. Also a dive resort destination with a reef system

Those are the most popular, followed by Thailand’s Phuket areas, Bonnaire, Curacao, Turks and Caicos and if money really isn’t a factor Australia’s barrier reef. I can’t vouch for Australia’s weather patterns in July, but you’ll just beat Hurricane season in the Carib with Bonnaire and Curacao being the safest bets.