I’m going on a vacation to Cancun pretty soon, and I was wondering what all I could do there? I’m not really a fan of snorkling or scuba diving, and the only thing I’m really looking forward to is getting a good tan. 😉

What’s there NOT to do is the question? There are a wide variety of things to do. Yes, there is nothing better than relaxing either by the pool or on the beach and having a drink and getting tan. There is more to it though. During the day you can just go out to all the shops and malls and also water activities. I recommend you going to Playa Cabana since you like to lay out and tan. This place is awesome and they treat you like a god. It’s a very lush, classy beach club. They have pools, cabanas, a beach. You can just lay there and have people wait on you hand and foot. Very, Very nice. Riding Sea-doos are fun. I recommend Ocean Runner. Senor Frogs is also a great place and a must go to. Depends on what you like to do, but there is something for everyone. Me personally, I like to just lay around the resort and drink and tan all day. Most of the resorts are set up nice for that and some are more party type than others and have drinking contests and music blasting. It all depends on the resort you are at. When the sun goes down it’s party time. The nightlife is out of this world. There are tons of clubs that cater to everyone. Some of the best are CoCo Bongo’s, The City, Senor Frogs (not really a club more of a bar with a water slide), Dady O’s, Dady, Rocks, Dos Equis Bar, Congo’s are a few popular ones to name. Keep in mind if you don’t like to drink you wont’ like the nightlife of CancĂșn. It’s all about partying. During the day it’s fun to walk around all the little flea-market shops the locals have and get good deals on things. Also, you being a girl you can go to the shopping plazas such as Kukulkan shopping mall and you can get Chanel and/or Gucci purses/bags that are normally like $600 for about $60-$80. It really depends on what type of person you are, but there is a lot of things to enjoy in CancĂșn. Trust me once you get there you’ll start seeing things and say to yourself oh I want to go there and I want to try that. There is a lot to do. Have fun….CancĂșn is the greatest place in the world.