Please answer all of the above questions, the last one to specify.. I am asking what is there to do there? Is there Hiking or Skiing or Scuba Diving? Also for why is that your favorite i’m asking why do you like it or how does it attract you more then other vacations you have been on? Thanks!

Hania, Crete in Greece

There are beautiful beaches, very nice welcoming people. You can go scuba diving, hiking as it’s surrounded by mountains. There are plenty of beautiful things to photograph especialy in the old town that has venetian style architecture. There still is a oriental touch to it, old imams turned into boutiques! If you like photography then you would like this city. The food is to die for. Many of the places use local produce and everything is so fresh. When I went this summer I stayed in this town called Platanias and the room was more like a huge appartment with kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. Every morning the owner would bring us oranges from there trees and the grandmother would bring us eggs. In the afternoon we would eat a couple of peaches (the peachtree was right in fron of our door) and at night we would streel a couple of limes from the lime tree to drink our rhum and coke with!

It’s those little things that make all the difference! I would definetely reccommend!