Oahu is one of the most popular Hawaiian Islands. This popular and well-known island is often referred to as “The Gathering Place.” If you are interested in taking a fun, exciting, and adventurous vacation to Hawaii, you will want to examine Oahu. While all of the Hawaii islands make great vacation destinations, you will find that Oahu is one of the best. One of the reasons for that is because of everything that you can do, while on an Oahu vacation.

Since Oahu is an island, you will find an unlimited number of activities that are center in, on, or around the ocean. In fact, these ocean activities are one of the reasons why Oahu vacations are so highly sought after. We often associate vacations with beaches, thus the popularity of Oahu vacations. Activities that you may enjoy, while visiting one of Oahu’s many beaches, include sunbathing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, boating, and fishing. Whether you are traveling alone, with other adults, or with your children, there are a number of beach activities that you and everyone else can enjoy.

In addition to its beaches, Oahu is also well-known for its nightlife. This nightlife not only includes fine dining restaurants, bars, and taverns, but it also includes concerts, plays, and movies. Whether you are looking to enjoy a little bit of Oahu’s nightlife with your children or spend a night out on the town with your friends, you can easily do so in Oahu. The number of nighttime activities that are available to you will all depend on where in Oahu you will be staying, but it is common to find bars, restaurants, and theaters all across the island.

Although it is nice to have a general view of what you can do in Oahu, you may be looking for specific activities to participate in or attractions to visit. When looking for this information, it is important to keep your intended Oahu destination in mind. Although the island is small in size, to save yourself time and money, you may want to pick activities and attractions that will be located within a close distance to your hotel, resort, condo, or vacation home. Despite the importance of your location, you will likely find a large number of fun, exciting, and adventurous activities and attractions in Oahu, no matter which part of the island you are visiting. Just a few of the many attractions are outlined below.

If you are visiting Honolulu, you will want to take a few hours and explore the Honolulu Zoo. The Honolulu Zoo is great for individuals of all ages. Popular attractions at the Honolulu Zoo include a rainforest exhibit and a children’s zoo. Just a few of the many animals that can be found at the Honolulu Zoo include monkeys, apes, tigers, elephants, hippopotamuses, exotic birds, and much more!

If you are visiting the Kailua area of Oahu, you may want to think about incorporating an adventure tour into your Oahu vacation. This can easily be done with Hawaiian Isle Adventures. Hawaiian Isle Adventures is one of the many tour companies that specialize in giving tourists guided tours of Oahu. Hawaiian Isle Adventures include boogie boarding, snorkeling, hiking, and much more!

If your Oahu vacation will take you to the Kahuka Waikiki area, you may want to think about making a stop at Links at Kuilima, especially if you enjoy the game of golf. Links of Kuilima is known as an “award winning,” golf course. This golf course is centrally located next to the popular Turtle Bay Resort, but it is also closely located to the popular Waikiki resort area. In addition to the course design, you will also enjoy the scenic landscape around you, which includes a historic wetland.

The above mentioned Oahu attractions are just a few of the many that you can visit, while on an Oahu vacation. For additional attractions, as well as a list of Oahu overnight accommodations, you may want to request an Oahu vacation guide or use the internet to start familiarizing yourself with Oahu and everything that it has to offer.

Gina Sarento