I have only dove once.I want an english speaking instructor. I have been looking at Yucatan or Cabos but am open to suggestions

Yep, the Yucatan. Cozumel in particular. The reefs off Coz are an extension of the second largest barrier reef in the world. There are a lot to choose from on the western side of the island from all levels of ability. There’s also the nightlife in San Miguel ( where the cruise ships dock), ruins on the island itself and for the brave, the eastern coast has some decent body boarding. It’s also a 12 mile ferry ride to the mainland for touring the Mayan Riviera or going cave and cavern diving. Tons of dive shops both on the mainland and on Coz itself too, that will take you on introductory cavern dives to some famous ones like Grand or Car Wash cenotes if you have a few dives under your belt. You’ll find that the DM’s and Instructors pretty well all speak English since it’s the predominant language of their clients.
You can’t beat Coz for the varied reefs though and on many of them you’ll learn the art of drift diving which is a hoot. Even if you stay a week, you’ll never dive the same reef twice unless you ask to. Just so many!!!!