My boyfriend has been scuba diving for a number of years, and i’ve recently decided to start.
The problem is, after going down only to about 2 metres, the pressure in my ears is really strong and painful.
I have the same problem when flying, and have to use ear plugs which relieve pressure. There is nothing wrong with my ears, i have been the doctors,
Does anyone know if there are any ear plugs, similar to the ones i use for flying, that relieve pressure in the ears? or could i possibly use my flying ear plugs to go scuba diving?
I cant hold my breath and make my ears "pop" thats part of the problem.

If your having trouble equalizing at depth, ascend a few feet or a meter or so, and try again. Somone else posted a bunch of different techniques on how.

What works for me is a combonation of two: I pinch my nose, and swallow. Works like a charm.

And – it does get easier the more you dive.