I am a healthy 17 year old female athlete. I recently tore my left ACL and will be recieving surgery. I have a scuba trip planned this summer in Hawaii. How long until I can go scuba diving after my surgery? I have already torn my ACL, PCL, and miniscus on my right knee and rocked physical therapy (planning to rock it again) but didn’t scuba at the time so I dont remember how long until I would be able to.

It will most likely be months before you can scuba dive. Remember, you are carrying a lot of weight in tanks and lead. Your knee will need to support that weight. Have you talked to your doctor about how long your rehab is going to be? I had a friend who torn his ACL and was not allowed to dive for 8 months. You can also look on the Diver’s Alert Network (DAN). They specialize in diving medicine. Good luck.

Dive Safe,