I am a 12 year old guy from Toronto, and i am thinking of joining the TSC (Toronto Scuba Club) so i can go scubadiving on my trip to Bermuda. (I don’t have my scubadiving license). I will be gone from March 12-20, so that means i only have about 2 weekends to learn. Is that enough to get my scuba diving license?

It depends on your abilities. For PADI, you will need to pass chapter quizzes and a final exam. Will you be able to study enough so that you can pass in time? You will also have to make 5 dives in the swimming pool to demonstrate skills. Will the TSC be able to arrange these within your time frame?

You also have to do 4 open water dives in which you demonstrate the same skills as you did in the pool. This is going to be much tougher considering our lovely Canadian weather.

What I’d suggest is that you see if TSC can schedule you for classroom theory and pool dives. The instructor can sign you off on the exams and the pool dives. Take that paper with you to Bermuda. You can do 4 open water dives there with a PADI instructor, who will then certify you as an Open Water Diver.