When planning your next vacation you may want to consider a fun-filled getaway to the second largest island in Hawaii, Maui. There are so many adventurous, as well as, relaxing things to experience on a Maui vacation that you may never want to go home.

One of the most common things to do on your adventure to Maui is to take a scuba diving trip. Scuba diving will give you the opportunity to experience an underwater paradise that is unparalleled by any other. So get out your underwater camera, because this is one trip you’ll never want to forget.

On your scuba diving excursion you are bound to see an abundance of sea life, as well as some things you wouldn’t expect to find on any other scuba trip. Maui waters offer some of the most colorful and breath-taking types of fish and coral. You’ll probably also be able to catch a glimpse of eels or eagle rays as well. While you’re enjoying your underwater view look for the unique lava formations that are home to a wide array of fish. The Turtle Caves are a spectacular place to see these formations including some pinnacles that rise above the water’s surface.

Another unique experience you might have will scuba diving in Maui is the opportunity to dive among an underwater wreck. Armored vehicles, a Navy bomber plane, and an upside-down Hellcat are just a few of the incredible pieces of wreckage left over from World War II. Maui is the only place in the world where you can swim among such extraordinary sights.

Along with a great opportunity to dive off the island’s beautiful coast, Maui also offers the opportunity to participate in diving lessons as well. If you are not an experienced diver you may want to consider visiting one of Maui’s many dive shops for a lesson in scuba diving and how to stay safe while under the water. Scuba lessons are reasonably priced and usually start out for as little as $75. If you need to rent equipment or wish to become certified your lesson can become a little more costly.

Once you have learned some tricks of the trade you may also get the chance to take part in a dive tour. There are numerous diving tours to choose from including those for beginners and those for the more experienced diver. Experienced divers can take advantage of a chance to swim among caves and caverns and experience things you would not see anywhere but Maui.

So get going on those vacation plans. And when you’re planning your days in Maui don’t forget to scuba diving to your itinerary. It’s an opportunity you will not want to pass up!

Jeremy Thompson