Caribbean scuba diving is one of the rare pleasures available to people vacationing along the warm and clear waters of that tropical paradise. Throughout the year the Caribbean offers comfortable and beautiful weather with white sandy beaches that make the perfect vacation spot for hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. Caribbean scuba diving can be enjoyed in more than 30 locations in the Caribbean Sea and they are all offer scuba diving facilities throughout the year. The difference between these various locations is that they offer you the choice of going the regular tourist way and saying in the company of other travelers like you or you could opt to go for a more non-tourist approach and try to spend the time there like the locals.

One of the rarer spots for Caribbean scuba diving is found on the island of Antigua. Replete with the usual Caribbean advantages of great beaches and clement weather it also has some historical locations that make it a good place to collect memories. While the scuba diving around Antigua is not really deep, it is still breathtaking with the coral reefs that are unmatched in the entire Caribbean.

Another great place for Caribbean scuba diving was the island of Montserrat. This island was the home to a presumed inactive volcano that went unexpectedly active in the year 1996 and destroyed many locations along with half the town. Though the locals still maintain that the scuba diving is excellent though this has to be confirmed with the fact that the town is not nearly as restored to what it once was. This is also a good place if you like to watch active volcanoes at close range. Though this is not for everyone.

Then there are the well known British Virgin Islands that also offer some good Caribbean scuba diving. The British Virgin Islands are a group of small islands that attract many tourists every year. There are many caves, sinkholes, canyons, and ledges that make scuba diving a very interesting prospect in these areas. The most popular spot in the British Virgin Islands is the Painted Walls which feature rainbow colors during the dive. Wreck Diving is also possible here around the R.M.S. Rhone.

If you really want a remote and almost unknown place for Caribbean scuba diving then you should go to Nevis. There are many scuba diving sites on the east side of Nevis. Scuba diving can be done inshore as well as offshore with some beautiful naturally formed coral reefs.

James Penn