There are plenty of scuba diving classes being offered in New York. If you’re thinking of taking one, you might want to know several requirements first. Before going to scuba diving class, make sure you have the following:

Interest – while classes can be completed in a few days, training and getting a certification will require some homework. Most diving schools in New York require their students to complete assignments that include reading materials, videos and exams. If you don’t have the interest, you might just give up and waste your time and money.

Scuba diving gear – you could rent, of course. But if you want to make scuba diving a regular part of your recreation, better get the gear first. This is not a requirement, however. Most schools only require the students to bring a mask, snorkel and fins. They provide the rest of the gear.

Money – scuba diving classes are quite inexpensive and usually start at $250, which includes class and pool training and dive gear use. Most course materials aren’t included in the fees.

Swimming skills – you need to be in reasonably good health and be a competent enough swimmer. Some trainings include floating and treading time and swimming 200 or 400 yards in a pool.

Age requirement – you should at least be 10 years old to take scuba diving lessons. If you want the PADI Open Water Diver course, you need to be at least 14.

If you fit the requirements for a New York scuba diving student, then you’re ready to take lessons. In no particular order, here are some NY diving schools you might want to check out:

Empire Divers empiredivers com

Located in NY’s Upper East Side, Empire Divers is a full-service PADI diving training center and dive shop. They offer PADI training certifications for all levels and have specialty classes in photography, nigh diving, deep diving and wreck diving, among others.

Adventure Scuba adventurescubany com

Adventure Scuba is a PADI authorized Five-Star Instructor Development Center. It holds pool time during Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and has a limited-sized class to allow more instructor-student interaction. They also offer a complete one-day training with their Executive Weekend Training course.

Pan Aqua panaqua com

Pan Aqua is a 25-year veteran in scuba training for all levels – from novice to instructor level. Like most NY scuba diving schools, they offer the PADI system. They train scuba diving students through class and pool sessions. They also offer open water training.

Village Divers villagedivers com

If you like smaller classes, you might want to check out Village Divers. They have an instructor-student limit of 1:4. This small dive shop offers both recreational and technical training.

Jake J Saab