Turkey is a land with hundreds of possibilities – whether you’re a culture buff, love clubbing, want to stay active or simply take in the sights, the country is an ideal location for a holiday. Turkey’s activities can stand proudly up against some of the world’s best holiday destinations, and there are some which you may not have associated with the country until recently. Here are some of the best and most unexpected….

Scuba Diving

Like many of Turkey’s holiday attractions, scuba diving is a relatively new draw, but one that is becoming more and more popular each year. Although the warm weather means year-round scuba diving is possible, it’s best to time your holiday between April and September, where the water temperatures range from 18 and 30 degrees centigrade.

In terms of sea life, Turkey’s waters are teeming with life, and include creatures such as sea bream, octopuses and barracuda. Divers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of dive types, from wall and reef diving to cavern and wreck diving, making a visit to one of Turkey’s dive sites an enjoyable diversion on your holiday. Turkey’s top dive sites are Antalya, Bodrum, Marmara, Fethiye and Gallipoli.


Turkey’s golf scene has seen impressive financial investment in recent years, and it’s beginning to pay dividends. There are a number of fine courses, the best of which are to be found in Belek. If you’re near the city, do consider taking on these courses – they vary in difficulty, but all promise the Holy Grail for golfers: guaranteed sunshine and an entertaining round!


Of course you can go shopping anywhere in the world, but a Turkish holiday offers some unique products that make for excellent keepsakes. Turkish carpets, some wonderfully crafted jewellery and leather goods should all be on your shopping list, but keep an eye out for hand painted ceramics too. There are some fine markets and excellent shops to explore, but remember – bartering is expected and all part of the fun of a holiday to Turkey!


Skiing isn’t something typically associated with Turkey, and although the country can’t compete with some of the European highlights, I’ve included it in the list for its variety as much as anything else. That said, in the winter months you could do worse than experience Turkey’s forest and mountain ski slopes, and the full range of abilities are catered for – making it especially tempting if you want to get some practice in before heading to the harder resorts of the Alps! If you’re up in the Turkish mountains in the winter, skiing in Turkey is well worth combining with mountaineering or hunting for a Turkish holiday with a difference.

River Rafting

River Rafting is one of the few sports that can proudly proclaim to attract adrenalin soaked thrill seekers as well as those who want a nice sedate trip taking in some lovely views. Impressively, a holiday in Turkey can cater to both sets of fans, with some lovely water bodies nestled in the Sylvan Mountains. River Rafting may not sound an immediate attraction for a holiday in Turkey, but can provide everyone the chance to see virgin landscapes inaccessible through other means, with a thrill or two along the way for those who want some excitement from their trip.

A holiday in Turkey can be all things to all people – whether you spend your time absorbing the culture or on the dance floor, the one thing you can be guaranteed is a good time. With the huge amount of investment in the country’s tourism, there’s never been a better time to take a Turkish holiday.

Sarah Arnesen