The Red Sea coastal areas of Egypt include both the eastern seashore as well as the Sinai Peninsula and are frequently referred to as the “Red Sea Riviera”. This is due to the abundance of luxurious resorts, high-end shopping, dining and unique activities that take place there. One of the most popular reasons for heading to this part of Egypt is to enjoy the many opportunities in Red Sea scuba diving.

Almost all of the Red Sea Riviera is considered an Egyptian National Park, or is protected under some other form of guardianship. Because of this, Red Sea scuba diving is generally limited to a select number of diving companies, each licensed to manage the needs of the visiting divers and to ensure the protection of the flora and fauna of the waters.

What sort of creatures will Red Sea scuba diving guests see? From hammerhead sharks to eels and amazing varieties of coral, a scuba diver can expect a diverse range of conditions and inhabitants during their visit. While some of the creatures that live in the Red Sea areas can be dangerous, for the most part the experience is sure to be a safe and pleasurable one.

In addition to regularly visited dive sites, there are Red Sea scuba diving companies that can escort their clients to the many major shipwreck sites in the region, though these too can present some hazards to both divers and even experienced sailors.

Red Sea scuba diving is not limited to risky or adventurous deep sea locations however and there are some excellent opportunities for those who are novice divers or who even prefer to simply snorkel among the coral reefs, feeding bread to the many friendly fish, eels and even smaller sharks that frequently visit such spots.

It is important to make early arrangements with a chosen Red Sea scuba diving company, as this is the most popular activity throughout the area, and the best companies are booked well in advance. Additionally, it is a good idea to have a bit of experience before tackling the more advanced locations, and many of the Red Sea scuba diving schools are happy to help their clients obtain the proper certifications in the days before a more serious diving adventure.

The entire Red Sea Riviera region is becoming more and more popular with Egyptian natives and international tourists. The region is full of wonderful resorts and hotels, and Red Sea scuba diving is now appearing on many “must do” lists for those heading to this unique area of Egypt.

Amar Mahallati