I wanna know all the jobs that have scuba diving. I want to do something with scuba diving.

Underwater Videography for the movie and television industry
Scuba Instructor at a dive resort or on a cruise ship
Underwater Welder
Commercial search and underwater salvage
Scuba instructor working at a dive training facility/dive store (that’s me), I work at Visibility Unlimited just south of Chicago
http://www.visibilityunlimited.com if you wanted to take a look
Group leader for specialty group travel
Marine Biology
Fire Department water rescue
Police Department specialized underwater evidence technician
Large Aquariums sometimes employ people to clean the larger underwater habitats and exhibits
Underwater Archeology
Underwater demolitions
Underwater photographer for magazines
NASA also uses professional scuba divers to help train astronauts
Working for a scuba manufacturer or distributor.
Underwater modeling

****The best job of all was posted by the Australian Department of Tourism very recently for an island caretaker. A 6 month position that pays 150,000 AUS (sweet)***

Here’s a link to that one