I’m just fresh starting in scuba diving close to finishing my open water dive. I’m absolutely addicted to it and want to do nothing else but scuba dive. I’m trying to find careers that allow you to travel the world. I’ve looked at a career in exploration but want to find out if there are careers with same perks.


At the "bottom end" being a Dive Master, Assistant Instructor or Instructor would pretty much allow you to move around the world working for various dive shops/centres ona casual basis, but the market is pretty much flooded.

More career minded options would be Marine Conservation, Marine Archaeology, Marine Biologist, infact if it has marine in the title its a pretty good bet.

If you get into hard hat diving, which is NOTHING like your OW course; then Oil and petrochemical industry are always in need of saturation divers, but its a dangerous and not a long lived career.

But do bare in mind that what may be fun as a hobby, can quickly become just another job (I know its hard to believe atm!) when you do it day in day out for weeks on end.