There is much to be said when discussing Grand Cayman scuba diving due to the history that is in the oceans there as well as because of the captivating underwater scenery. Grand Cayman offers probably one of the best places in the world to experience scuba diving as compared to Seattle with the Starbucks. On every corner in the Cayman islands, there is a scuba diving shop that offers up lessons and diving adventures just as every corner in Seattle has a Starbucks coffee shop or a vendor. It is a plentiful and demanding hobby, and for some, it is a career.

Wall and Wreck
Offered here are the adventure of a lifetime by going underwater and observing magical and marvelous walls that surround the entire island. The first wall when going diving is located about sixty feet down and is not a terribly difficult dive and offers the view of many different kinds of underwater foliage as well as sea life from a sting ray to the infamous sea turtle.

They also provides a diver with the opportunity to dive into wrecks that are around the island and is a marvelous sight. Ships that have sunk still remain with an abundance of sea life that has made the ships and wreckages a home and they are very nosy when someone comes knocking on the door and are excited when they receive guests from the scuba diving groups. This can often be seen in photography taken from previous dives, the aqua life really enjoy posing for pictures.

The Choices

There are many sites in which to dive, learn how to dive or fine-tune your current diving skills. It has the most intriguing collection of underwater life including both plant and animal than any dive spot in the world.

There are, as mentioned above, beautiful walls that are peppered with an assortment of coral and underwater sponges of all different varieties and colors. This area is also home of the legendary Stingray City in the North Sound and is a literal hot spot of scuba diving. The safety guideline of scuba diving has also recently been changed to allow a 130-foot depth limit so there is more available to day for Grand Cayman scuba diving then any place in the world.

So have you made your decision yet? I hope this information has informed you of what you will have to look forward to on your future holiday.

Dane Stanton