I am planning on signing up for some Scuba Diving classes but I am still nervous about being under water with big fish. And I have a fear of really cramped places, but I have always liked swimming. Is the first time going really scary? I have never done anything like this before.

Trust me when i tried it for the first time it was completely mind blowing…it was like no other!

At the beginning you will be scared and breathing might trouble you but it is all about believing in yourself and your equipment. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE ENOUGH OXYGEN! remember that it really helps and when you inhale inhale strongly and when you exhale exhale slowly.

These where a few beginning tips now swimming with the fish is an experience that is really unique because not everyone can do it, fish will swim away from you if you behave abruptly in the water but if you are calm the fish won;t come near you and you will enjoy swimming with them. And underwater is not cramped! 😉

Trust me if you are going to sign in for the classes then you made a choice that you will never forget and will be in your mind and heart forever =D!

Edit: I know it is not oxygen only…i was just saying explaining a point..you don’t have to be too accurate..