I finally just got my scuba certification. I want to go diving. But non of my friends or family are certified for diving. What would be the best way to find people to go diving with.

In order, I would check:

(1) People in your certification class, since they are probably asking the exact same question. If you didn’t get their contact during the class, tell your instructor that you’re looking for someone to dive with and ask if he/she can send an email out to the fellow students. Positives: you’ll be in the water with someone you recognize. Negatives: You’re fellow students are as inexperienced as you.

(2) Your local dive shop. Every dive shop has regulars who dive more than they should, and often they are semi-organized with dives arranged through group emails. Ask your instructor or someone at the dive shop who knows that they are talking about if there are any groups that dive regularly that would be willing to take a newbie under their wing. Positives: You end up with experienced divers, who will point out when you’re doing something life-threatening and can probably rescue you if you totally screw up. Negatives: You’ll feel like a total noob in comparison, but you are a total noob so you might as well just accept it and treat it as free lessons.

(3) Online forums. ScubaBoard is diving central. Check http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/regional-travel-dive-clubs/ for any clubs or groups in your area. ScubaBoard also allows people to post their location and availability to buddy up so you can see everybody around who is looking for a buddy, their qualifications, and how far away they are from. Facebook likely also has a group for divers in at least your state. Positives: It’s nearly impossible to not find somebody diving in your area. Negatives: Since you have no personal connection, anyone you contact could be flaky or just weird.