I have long hair and am wondering what other scuba divers do with it when diving in a wetsuit. A braid with a tie would hurt, being squeezed in the wetsuit down my spine. A bun or ponytail in my hood is also uncomfortable.. not to be complaining about all the options.. but are there any more long hair options while scuba diving?

If you are wearing a hood, the I would say just brush it back and let the hood hold it down. Since the neck of the hood gets tucked into the wetsuit, tuck in the hair as well. Before you zip up the hood, look down which will pull the hair up some in the back to give you some "slack".

Another option is to braid two pigtails starting behind each ear. Instead of letting them hand down your back, bring them over the shoulders, and use the hood to help hold them there.

My wife and other female divers use these two options, but none of them have hair that is longer than the middle of their back.