A great way to attach accessories to your BCD during a dive, the Cetacea High Force Locking Retractor is a high force stainless steel carabiner with a split ring which can easily be locked to prevent the cord from retracing.

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Submerge Dive Flag –
The Submerge Dive Flag features a high visibility flag mounted on a strong yet light pole and come supplied with 2 bungee cords for attaching to a tank. The pole then folds out to a hight of 1.4m for added visibility in rough waters.

Duration : 0:1:21

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Sub Gear Multi Tool –
The Sub Gear Multi Tool is a great little compact multi tool, perfect for traveling. It features wide variety of fitting which all fold down into one compact body.

Duration : 0:1:18

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Scuba Divers

Custom character scuba divers with 7 accessories including air tanks, air hose, flippers, mask, knife, knife sheath weight belt available at FashionAlley or iProject with underwater terrain and plants available separately at The Forge or iClone Revolution.

Duration : 0:3:6

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Sub Gear Snapper –
The Sub Gear Snapper is perfect for attaching your accessories such as lights and cameras to prevent loss. It can be clipped securely in place of extended and retracted as and when you need it.

Duration : 0:1:26

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