Here I show you what my vintage 2 piece sharkskin wetsuit looks like when worn. The bottom of the wetsuit is a pant style unlike the modern farmer john which goes over your shoulders. The pant goes as high as your waist. The top has a beavertail flap which tucks between your legs and then 2 turning buttons hold the beavertail flap in place to the front of the jacket. The hood is a sharkskin hood as are the gloves. The mask is a vintage style 3 window wrap around mask. The boots are slip on and they don’t have the zippers like modern booties. The fins are vintage U.S. Divers Otarie footed fins. I have a vintage U.S. Diver’s depth gauge on my left wrist. The weight belt is a vintage style with lead weights. I spin around in the video to give you a 360 degree view of the beavertail flap and I unhook the flap and rehook the flap in the video to show you how it attaches to the jacket.

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This idyllic spot has long been enjoyed as a get away from it all destination, with its long sandy beaches and hidden waterfalls.
Although today its better known for its beautiful clear blue waters, a magnet for scuba divers through out the world congregate here to sample the underwater magic it provides, with reefs, wrecks and drop offs one can easily see why visitors return year after year.

A unique way of life can be experienced here as many a traveler can tell you of their friendly adventures in and around the archipelago of Puerto Galera and Sabang.
The simple lives of the natives who still carry on their lives much as they have done for many centuries can still be found near by, Mindoro`s treasures are here in abundance for all to see, a truly wonderful tropical experience.

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