Scuba Diving – Aruba

Scuba Diving in Aruba – Video shot in HD with Canon HSF100 using Ikelite housing, wide angle lens and underwater filter. Redsail Sports dive sites such as the Star Gerren and Antilla wreck, Arashi and Pedernalis reefs. Constant surface currents, winds and poor visibility. Water at depth looks green, hard to stay in one spot to shoot steady video. Many shots used 50 watt video light.

Duration : 0:7:19

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Scuba Diving Resorts: Top Timeshare Deals Scuba diving is even better when you can save money on your destination accommodations. These timeshare travel deals feature great diving opportunities: Aruba, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel are described.

Duration : 0:1:2

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Aruba 2009 – Scuba Diving

Bella and I scuba dived for the first time while on Vacation in Aruba. I brought my DXG camera & waterproof case to film what was 25 feet down. There was a lot more ocean life to see than what was captured on this video, and I would highly suggest that everyone try it sometime.

Also, the music is by Barcelona and is called “Please Don’t Go”. It was taken from a video shot in the Kuroshio Sea, the worlds 2nd largest aquarium found in Japan. The video can be found here, please check it out:

Duration : 0:7:59

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