Bare Nex Gen Pro Dry Scuba Diving Drysuit

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This demonstration video discusses and shows the featutres of the Nex-Gen Pro Dry Drysuit from Bare. It is a rear entry drysuit allowing for easing donning and doffering. The Nex-GenĀ“s seams are welded making it virtually waterproof. It has latex neck and wrist seals providing a water barrier. This diving drysuit also has compression-resistant soft boots attached to it which keep your feet warmer. For durability, it has soft plate wear-resistant knee pads and shoulder pads. The Nex-Gen has a 360 degree swivel inflator valve and adjustable low profile exhaust allowing the diver to adjust them under water.

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Bare Black Jack BCD

The BARE Black Jack BCD is part of the new BCD family offered by BARE. It is engineered with great features not available on many BC. Once again another innovative item from BARE Sportwear. ScubaBasics is proud to offer it’s series of Scuba Diving Equipment reviews.

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Real Housewife Vlog: On Scuba Diving

Scuba isn’t what I thought it would be!

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