Scuba Diving

Hello everyone. This video I decided to make a video and discuss with the girls at Ascuba Venture in Corpus Christi , Texas about how there are fitness benefits to scuba diving. I got a chance to get in the water and play a bit.

Check out Ascuba Venture online and tell them Elektra sent you.
6121 SPID, Suite A
Corpus Christi, TX 78412
Mon – Sat 10am – 7pm
Sunday by Appointment

Special thanks go to Connie and Kristine for helping me out at Ascuba Venture.

Thanks for watching My Cyber Kittens!!!


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In this video I’ll show you how I get dressed into my custom made mens vintage smooth thick rubber scuba diving wetsuit and finish the video wearing my complete scuba gear on so I’m ready to dive. I start the video standing in my U.S. Divers lycra dive skin with a black hood. I put each foot and leg into the smooth, thick, rubber farmer john pants and then pull the smooth, thick, rubber wet suit up past my waist and then over my shoulders. I fasten the velcro strap on my left shoulder and then I reach for my smooth, thick, rubber scuba diving booties. Each foot easily slides into the slip-on custom made booties. Then I put an ankle wieght on each foot followed by a knife on each leg. Now, I grab my pair of Scubapro fins and put them on each foot. I grab my custom made smooth, thick, rubber wetsuit hood and I slide it over my face. Next comes the smooth ,thick, rubber beavertail wetsuit jacket. I zip up the zipper and fasten the smooth rubber beavertail flap between my legs. My vintage lead weight belt goes around my waist and then I grab my US Divers Cousteau BCD with all the accessories already attached and I throw it over my head and onto my rubber wetsuit covered shoulders. I put the Interspiro mask onto my face and I begin to breath through the compressed air in my U.S. Divers 80 cubic foot aluminum tank. I turn around so you can see all the equipment and then the video ends. Watch my other video of me undressing from this smooth rubber wetsuit and equiipment.

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Here I’m checking my newly made mens vintage Hydroglove smooth latex rubber 2 piece drysuit for any water leaks in my bathtub. The vintage dry suit has attached feet, gloves and a hood. The drysuit came with rubber swim trunks. I’m breathing through my Interspiro AGA mask that has a surface gill that I close at the start of the video. I’m wearing my U.S. Divers Otarie vintage black fins over my feet.

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Homemade Scuba Gear

This is some home-made scuba gear me and my friend put together summer of ’06.

The main air tank is actually a garden sprayer, and holds about 8 liters (2 gallons) of air compressed at 40psi. The tank is encased in concrete to make it neutrally boyant. The tubes across my chest are filled with rocks, and help neutralize our bouyancy. This design allows us to dive for 2 minutes straight, 10 or 11 feet underwater. This whole setup cost us about $55.

We now have much better scuba gear, with a 10 gallon tank that can hold 80psi. It allows us to dive for 15 minutes straight at a depth of 10 or 11 feet. The new setup cost about $60.

Keep in mind that this is very dangerous, and should not be attempted by anyone without proper scuba training (like us). I am not responsible in any way for any injuries you may sustain emulating something in this video. To put it simply, do not try this at home. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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apnea: zakynthos – no fins

freediving in greece: zakynthos. a must have made. perfekt conditions that day. more videos from the island will follow.. stay tuned. greetings.
(apnoe – apnea – freediving)

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