SCUBA Diving Hawaii

Diving off the Coast of Kauai, in Hawaii.

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Scuba diving – Molokini & Turtle Town

Two dives during a scuba diving trip in Maui. The first was in Molokini Crater and the second was in Turtle Town, also known as Five Names.
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El Salvador Scuba Diving 4

Immerse into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Ocean and let’s go
diving to Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Over here we’ll discover
the beauties of the second largest barrier reef in the world.

Imagine yourself along the schools of Parrot Fish, Yellow Tail Snappers, dance the royal ballet with the amazing Spotted Drum Juvenile and let him capture you imagination with it’s splendorous tail…..Glide with the fabulous Spotted Eagle Ray or fly with the Giant Manta Ray……Feel the serenity of the Turtles and capture incredible moments in your mind…..or who knows you’ll have
a close encounter with the Reef Sharks, creatures that have been
in the oceans for ages.

Dive breath taking wrecks, for instance El Aguila laying down at 120′ is perfect for deep diving or make a trip to The Odyssey where you’ll never forget this astonishing sunken boat.

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El Salvador Scuba Diving

One of the few places in the world where you can practice Active Volcanic
Crater Diving in fresh water is ILOPANGO Volcano, located in El Salvador,
in the heart of Central America; this magnificent 8 x 11 Km lake filled caldera
erupted in the year 260 AD, considered one of the major eruptions in the
world history; make up an idea, when Krakatoa in Indonesia erupted in the
year 1883, it blasted out 18 cubic kilometers of rocks…… Ilopango blasted
out 40.

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