— Gaspar’s Dive N Board offers scuba diving classes in Englewood, FL and carries all scuba diving equipment for purchase located in Englewood, FL. This video features scuba classes in session at our local swimming pool with our dive instructor.

Gaspar’s offers one of the best scuba diving courses available. Open Water NAUI certification lessons are held monthly. Classes are $350.00, NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

Package includes 3 classroom sessions, 3 pool classes, all books and materials, certification card, and 2 days of checkout dives in the Gulf of Mexico on our Coast Guard approved vessel.

Classes are 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM in our classroom located in the dive shop.

Pools are 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at Oyster Creek Pool located on San Casa Drive, just 2 miles from the dive shop.

Classes are limited in size, so sign up NOW!

Student equipment required is a mask, snorkel, fins, and weights.

All other equipment will be provided by Gaspar’s Dive N Board.

Call today about class scheduling (941) 698-0499

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While SCUBA diving in places like the Keys, Bahamas or Cayman Islands are much more scenic and colorful, one advantage of living the past 30+ years in South Florida is the ability to beach dive whenever you have some spare time.

In much of the United States, there is really not much to see underwater within swimming distance of the shoreline.

But in South Florida (starting approximately at the West Palm Beach and southward region), you can strap on your tanks and gear, swim out about 500 yards with a dive flag in tow and drop down to 20-25 feet and spend 90 minutes underwater enjoying the northern-most edges of the tropical reefs that become larger and more scenic as you head into the true tropics of the Caribbean.

So while it may not be as grand and colorful and a full blown dive vacation to the islands, it is nearby and cheap.
At a moments notice, you can throw your tanks and gear in the car — drive 30 minutes to the beach — and be exploring the reefs within the hour.

Figure $4 for an air fill and $6 for a slice of pizza and soda when you get back on land and it makes for a great inexpensive way to spend the day for $10.

This video shows what lies underwater just a few hundred yards offshore at Hollywood Beach Florida.
This beach is pretty much equidistant between Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach along the East Coast.

A much quieter and less populated beach area as the video reveals (although sadly, signs of urban sprawl are getting closer each year)


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Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys is Fabulous is where you can find out more about scuba diving and snorkeling in the Florida Keys. Most dive trips begin at the dive shop, you can find that list any many other great bits of information on my website. Check it out before you plan your next Florida Keys dive vacation.

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I produced this video for the Silent World Dive Center of Key Largo, Florida. They have the rare distinction of being one of the few dive centers in the world who are certified to offer instruction on this exciting new scuba gear, the Poseidon Mk6 Discovery Rebreather. Stay down 3x as long, and NO BUBBLES to scare marine life! Visit to learn more.

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Florida Keys Scuba Diving

Scuba photos of my 2005 trip to Key West, and 2006 trip to Key Largo.

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