Around the World with Force Fins

Force Fins still photos showing a bit of history and Force Fins in action from different locations around from around the world.

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PJ/Combat Diver Fin Swim technique

This is the proper technique for doing the fin swim at USAF Pararescue selection. The final eval is a 4000 meter swim with a max time of 80 minutes…..

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Force Fins and the Wreck of the Defiance

The wreck of the Defiance has been at rest at 185 feet on the bottom of Lake Huron since October 20th 1854. It collided with the John J. Audubon. It was reported that the Defiance struck the Audubon midships, but details to this day are still mysterious. The Defiance was one of the wrecks that the Ocean Futures Society expedition team dove durning filming the PBS Ocean Adventures TV series.
This short piece is from outtakes from America’s Underwater Treasures
and shows the diver using the Excellerating Force Fin to explore the wreck stem to stern.
We would like to thank Jean- Michel Cousteau and the entire Ocean Futures Society Staff for providing us with this footage so we could bring you another Force Fin ExperienceĀ®
A special appreciation for time support and shared knowledge goes out to :
Luke Clyburn and the Sea Cadets
Russ Green and the entire staff at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve.

Camera Operator: Chuck Davis

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Read the rest of this entry… Force Fin Documentary Diving The Best Diving Fins in the World are made in Santa Barbara, CA by Force Fin. Dr. Harvey Barnett, founder of the Infant Swimming Resource, takes his Tan Delta Force Fins to a depth of 102 feet of salt water and comes back to to boat to tell us about his Force Fin Experience. Shot in the waters of the Bahamas, Dr. Harvey Barnett presents you with evidence above and below the water why he uses the Tan Delta Force Fin.

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SCUBA Diving & Leg Cramps

Most foot and leg cramps while SCUBA diving occur because your fin is hanging off the edge of your foot. One of the most common complaints that people have about diving is that their feet and legs hurt when they try to kick with today’s long or stiff fins. Their arches or calves cramp, their toes are smashed into the end of the foot pocket, their legs tire… Sound familiar?
The primary cause of all this pain is that most fins are designed to concentrate much of the force from kicking on the smaller muscles of the lower leg and feet. And those muscles simply can’t take the stress of powering a large fin blade through the water. The result? Fatigue and cramping.

But with the trail-blazing Force Fin, our unique foot-pocket design transfers much of the effort of moving the blade to the largest muscle group in your body, the quadriceps, removing pressure from the toes and feet. Because your entire leg is now doing the work, muscle fatigue and cramping is significantly reduced.

Don’t get fouled into eating bananas as the solution for your foot or leg cramps, get into a pair of smart fins – Force Fins

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