Scuba diving a flooded meadow

The most beautiful thing ever its amazing how this has happened.

I do not own this video, no copyright intended

Duration : 0:3:54

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Beach Ball Scuba Diver Gag Scuba diver put on his beach ball diving hat today but keeps getting annoyed by people poking him with sticks. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra cachée la plus comique de la télé!

Duration : 0:1:11

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Cooper the chimp goes scuba diving

Cooper and his buddy Renato, the scientist studying him for being the only chimp in the world to go under water, and now scuba dive!

Duration : 0:1:21

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Giant Cuttlefish Attack SCUBA diver

Giant Cuttlefish (Sepia apama) attack on female dive buddy. Cuttlefish breed and lay their eggs around this time of year – and become very aggressive and “frisky”. They are very intellegent and are attracted to “shiny” things such as this torch, and especially anything that is yellow in colour. I motioned to her to switch the torch off, unfortunately she didn’t understand and this footage is the result. This is the first time this diver had ever seen a cuttlefish. This cuttlefish followed us for another 20 minutes.

Duration : 0:0:33

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Sameera Reddy’s Scuba Diving Experience

Hi guys! As promised I’ve uploaded my Scuba Diving video for you. Scuba diving is really close to my heart and is the No 1 thing that I love. I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoyed being with all the beautiful creatures underwater in Thailand. Love ~ Sam

Duration : 0:10:27

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