A tremendous rock and coral formation resembling a mini mountain are the home for a wide range of flora and fauna. Snapper, oriental sweetlips, stonefish, frogfish, coral groupers, remoras, red bass, sea perch and red emperors are all here, and when a good current is present, shoals of tuna and jack, as well as, king jacks are found in mid-water. At 18m/59ft there is a small cave with a white gorgorian fan that occasionally has a white frogfish clinging to it. Basket sponges grow on the rocky coral along with small fans. Tree ferns, soft pink tree corals, feather stars of many colors and tubeworm cover the formation. At 12m/40ft there is a hole that is large and safe enough for a diver with good buoyancy control to swim through. Divers drifting during flood tide from Weat Escarceo fly through this hole. This site can be dived over and over again as there is so much to experience and see. Best to dive it at slack high tide, and due to strong currents in this area it is advisable to take a knowledgeable dive guide with you. It can also be a very colorful night life.

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This is another ScubaMagazine.net HD underwater video downconverted to low-def for YT of diving we did as part of a resort review at Coco Beach Island Resort, Philippines, the full version of which is published at the www.Scubamagazine.net Underwater Photo/Video, Travel & Dive Discussion Community

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SCUBA Diving in Sabang

Some great underwater pictures and video of our SCUBA diving trip to the Philippines- where the coral reefs and shipwrecks were teeming with marine life. We even ventured into the shark cave and found an 8 foot white-tip hanging out inside.

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This idyllic spot has long been enjoyed as a get away from it all destination, with its long sandy beaches and hidden waterfalls.
Although today its better known for its beautiful clear blue waters, a magnet for scuba divers through out the world congregate here to sample the underwater magic it provides, with reefs, wrecks and drop offs one can easily see why visitors return year after year.

A unique way of life can be experienced here as many a traveler can tell you of their friendly adventures in and around the archipelago of Puerto Galera and Sabang.
The simple lives of the natives who still carry on their lives much as they have done for many centuries can still be found near by, Mindoro`s treasures are here in abundance for all to see, a truly wonderful tropical experience.

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