How to Assemble a Scuba Diving Regulator

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This instructional video demonstrates how to assemble your scuba diving regulator.

It will take you through the simple process step by step, and show you how to connect your octopus, scuba diving computer, and low pressure hose to the first stage of your dive regulator so you´re ready to dive.

When taking the port plugs off your first stage of your diving regulator, be sure to store them in a safe place in case you need them in the future.

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The differences between split fins and paddle fins

This instructional video by describes the two major types of fins available. There is the paddle fin and the split fin. The paddle fin uses more effort from your leg to push the water. It’s similar to a boat paddle, whereas the split fin is similar to how a propeller from a boat works. The water goes through the blade and creates vortices that push you along. Ultimately the split fin reduces the amount of energy you use, and it saves your air because you’re using less energy.

Duration : 0:1:16

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