My first descent into the Throne Room dive spot off of Negril Jamaica the certified scuba dive masters at Negril Scuba Center. This popular scuba diving location got its name from the large throne shaped sponge that used to sit in the room but which was destroyed by Hurricane Gustav.

Forgive the camera shakes as it takes me a moment to settle into the descent. Underwater photography is a whole other level beyond land photography and I am just getting adjusted to the Vivicam 6200

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Negril, Jamaica Scuba Diving Trip

Underwater and above water photos and clips of my dive trip to Negril, Jamaica in November 2008

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FDR Resort at Runaway Bay Jamaica is a beautiful resort. The beauty of FDR Resort is also reflected in the Jamaicans who work there with many having more than 10 years of service. Meet Irwin, who has put 6 children through school making palm leaf baskets and hats. This is the real Jamaican.
More about FDR Resorts:

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scuba diving in jamaica pt1

jase on his first dive. Montego Bay, turtles ,rays,snakes.Check out pt2.

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Scuba Diving in Jamaica

This was my first experience scuba diving in Jamaica at the Sandals resort in Negril Jamaica. I’m joined by my wife Esther and my friend Russ

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