Scuba Diving Slippery Rock PA

This was my first dive at Crusty’s Quarry in Slippery Rock Pennsylvania. The lake is awesome and the staff was very friendly as well! It was neat swimming through all the underwater attractions. Someday i’d like to purchase an underwater detector and underwater camera housing for scuba diving!

Dive Time: 56 minutes
Maximum Depth: 23 feet
Water Temperature: 68 Degrees Fahrenheit

*I apologize if you are a subscriber who had to deal with me removing this video a few times. I couldn’t get the compression settings right and now I finally got it. Thanks to everyone who subscribed to me!

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Great Lakes Dive Locker 616-531-9440

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Diving on the Wiindiate and The Barney shipwrecks off Presque Isle, Michigan in Lake Huron. Depth ~180′ ave. X-Scooters. Scotty Lang and Scotty Wernette are the divers. Filmed by Brandon Schwartz.

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