Fantasea introduces an upgraded system for Canon G Series and S Series underwater housings. The upgraded system includes optic accessories, such as the BigEye Wide Angle Lens, SharpEye Macro Lens, RedEye Filter, PinkEye Filter, EyeDaptor Lens Adaptor and EyeGrabber Lens Holder, introducing a new design that enables integrating Red and Pink color inserts with the BigEye and SharpEye Lenses. The accessory system also includes Nano Ray Universal Lighting Sets.

Duration : 0:3:38

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Terraria 1.1 – Diving Gear

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The Diving Gear is a new accessory item from 1.1 update. It is made from the Flippers and Diving Helmet, and combines their functionality.

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Duration : 0:1:11

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Scuba Diving at Aliwal Shoal

This is a video of scuba diving at Aliwal Shoal in South Africa it is one of the worlds top dive sites. You get to see ragged tooth sharks and much more. (Must see) (The Holiday)

Duration : 0:3:44

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Diving in the Red Sea

Scuba diving underwater footage from the red sea egypt, containing manta, dugong and longimanus shark

Duration : 0:2:46

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Deep South Diving Safari Red Sea 03-2007 Part1

Scuba Diving Tauchen Marsa Alam Red Sea Sharks Napoleons Nice Music Safari Tauchsafari Egypt Red Sea Korallen Corals Holydays egypt Scuba diving padi nice music marsa shagra shagra village i prefer. Dont book trough Lorenc Travel agency Austria. Complete ceap und much more expensive than all others. Red sea is great, but the boat and it’s crew is horrible. Nile Sat 2 maybe ok. Will be happa t assist. Some german travel agencies are much better: support, prices…
Shagra village I believe is the best diving site in egypt. And not too costly. Will be there in november again!

Duration : 0:9:27

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