The Sub Gear Magnetic Octopus Holder attaches to the hose of your octopus and using a strong magnet attached to your BCD, your octopus is fixed in place securely yet detaches quickly and easily when needed.

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The history of scuba diving is very interesting. Many civilizations throughout time have engaged in breath-hold diving, also known as free-diving. The evidence of early free-diving is the finding of sea items found on land and ancient pictures of divers. These civilizations used free-diving to spearfish and also in competitions. The Ancient Greeks are known free-divers. They used free-diving to hunt for sponges and also in their military.

Some of the early attempts in the history of scuba diving to dive with the use of air include snorkeling with hollow reeds, using air-filled bags and diving bells. Diving bells are watertight chambers on cables. The diving bell is designed to remain full of air as it is pushed under water, allowing a few divers to be transported. These methods were not very efficient, however, and did not nearly resemble scuba diving as we know it today. The reeds did not allow divers to go deep into the water and air-filled bags soon filled with carbon-monoxide as the air was exhaled. Diving bells did not allow the divers much mobility.

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This octopus holder from Scubapro simply clips to your BCD and holds your alternate air source in a ready position. It can easily be released by an out of air diver with a quick tug. A must have diving accessory.

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This video demonstrates how easy it is to mould your own Mares Jax mouthpiece, for a more comfortable dive.

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Diving equipment

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