http://www.TheBoaters.TV EP 63 – First up: As part of its historical centenary year celebrations, the International Sailing Federation has launched the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame.

A spectacular gala dinner was held November 5th in Estoril, Portugal, where the six inaugural inductees were presented with the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame trophy by His Majesty King Constantine and ISAF President Göran Petersson.

On hand to receive their trophies were:
-Paul Elvstrom of Denmark
-Sir Robin Knox-Johnston of Great Britain
-Dame Ellen MacArthur of Great Britain
-Olin Stephens of the USA
-Eric Tabarly of France
-Barbara Kendall of New Zealand

Nominations for inductees were submitted by ISAF members, with the final decision confirmed by the ISAF Executive Committee.

In the future, inductees will be entered every four years.

For more information about the ISAF and its Hall of Fame inductees, visit

Next up: Roy Grabenauer built his first single-passenger kayak, the Royak, in 1968.

The Royak’s claim to fame is that it set the precedent for all sit-on-top kayak designs.

His design of a lightweight, comfortable boat that would not sink, that he could get in and out of easily in rough water, and that had enough storage for his scuba gear quickly gained popularity in the Northern California scuba diving scene.

With 300 orders in his first year of business, Roy was clearly on his way. By 1978, 2,000 Royaks were sold worldwide. Today, the Royak Company boasts a complete line of Royak models, accessories, and gear.

For more information about the Royak experience, including details about their unique Blenderboat, please visit

Finally today, it’s the BoatTEST Reports Feature of the Week: The Marquis 40 SC

For more on the Marquis 40 SC, visit

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