This Atomic T2X Regulator has been designed to be the highest performing, most corrosion resistant and best looking regulator on the market. The T2X is ultra lightweight making it the perfect travel regulator where every pound counts.

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The Aqua Lung Titan LX Supreme Regulator is the improved version of the Titan LX which has some great new features including an auto-closure device. It’s even lighter in weight, making it perfect for travel.

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Fourth Element Mens & Womens Proteus 7mm Semi-Dry Suits are made using thermoflex neoprene which allows for easy movement. It was designed with temperate waters in mind, but with it’s additional short john underneath the 7mm it provides 12mm of neoprene on the body core with the added benefit of excellent seals at wrist and ankles, making the combination suitable for diving in cold water conditions, down to 8 degrees too.

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Custom Divers 40m, 70m & 125m Ratchet Reel can be operated by ratvher or on free run. You can select which mode you want to use by pulling and turning the selection knob which you can find at the bottom of the spool. The Ratchet Reel has a unique design making them snag-free and the tension of the spool run may also be adjusted to suit individual needs.

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Scuba Diving at Aliwal Shoal

This is a video of scuba diving at Aliwal Shoal in South Africa it is one of the worlds top dive sites. You get to see ragged tooth sharks and much more. (Must see) (The Holiday)

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