Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoy all my Maldives Vlogs, that I filmed daily during my vacation from December 21st-31st.
I had an amazing time there, and I wanted to share my experience with all of you 🙂
All the links to all the other Maldives videos i did will be posted here soon, when all my vlogs will be uploaded 😉
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Aqua Lung Travel Light Video

With the Aqua Lung Travel Package, we’ll have you enjoying your favorite tunes as you pass by the baggage check or gear rental lines. Pack light…travel more.
Learn more at

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Lamar shares the rationale behind the 2012 Daisy Chain Loop Bungees at a recent sidemount clinic

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The limited edition blue version of the popular Mares X-Stream fin has all the of the great and unique features of the originals but in a new white and blue colouring.

The X-Stream fins utilise a number of blade features including a flexible centre channel that flexes as you kick to cup and channel the water into a concentrated flow. Vents through the blade in key positions help to further control the flow and a hinged pivot point allow the blade to bend to the optimal angle to provide the best propulsion.

Vented foot pockets prevent a vacuum building up, allowing easy fin removal after the dive, aided by expanding adjustable buckle system. The buckles allows the the set the strap tightness and then forget about it, the expanding buckles can be released to give enough slack to easily remove your foot.

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Underwater beam comparison of the Dive Rite RX2 LED Dive Light vs. other lights. Shot at Orange Grove Sink, Peacock Springs State Park.

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