The girls Occhi and Stephanie head to the Florida Keys and dive the Spiegle Grove wreck during the beginning of a hurricane! They had so much fun fighting the waves on entry and saw some amazing marine life under the water. Overall…a great experience for all!

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Read the rest of this entry Karma, Anna, Amanda, and Margo hitch a ride on the Lois Ann to take a dip in the Pacific! First stop was the Yukon…it was hard to see the wreck because the viz was bad but the girls still had fun! Second stop was the kelp forest at 7 Fathoms which again had terrible viz but we did find the kelp!

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Scuba Diver Girls have some fun The girls finally get out to dive after many weeks of no diving. Karma, Anna, and Margo enjoy a nice day at La Jolla Shores. They saw octopus, crabs, squid eggs, and some slugs! It was a great dive!

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