2000 Chuuk, Micronesia

Pete and Rebecca’s Scuba diving vacation in Chuuk, Micronesia.

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Cayman Islands Vacation Wreck Dive

Scuba diving on a ship wreck in the Cayman Islands. Sponsored by www.caymanvacation.com

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A scuba diver has problems with his tank coming off while diving a wreck in 115 feet of water. Turns out that a wingnut came off his back plate. He was able to complete the dive safely.

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Scuba Diving the Giannis D ship wreck in the Red Sea, Egypt. Sha’ab Abu Nuhas, North of Hurghada – October 2008.

The Giannis D sank with its cargo of timber in 1983 and lies next to a coral reef. The entire wreck can be seen from either end because of good the visibility. It is broken up in the Center, but the bow and stern remain intact. At the stern on the sea floor there is a point where penetration allows you to travel up towards the top of the wreck to a pocket of trapped air. You will need to leave by the same hole which you entered. At the bow you can see where the boat had been renamed, with the old name just visible under a layer of paint. Expect to see glassfish, scorpionfish, angelfish, bumphead wrasse and a napoleon fish. The dive can be finished by traversing the reef, or by climbing up the mast, which rises up to only four metres below the surface.

Alex’s Travel Blog – http://www.alexasigno.co.uk

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Caribbean Vacation 2009

Music Enya – Caribbean Blue

Video Editing-corel video studio 12

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