Around the World with Force Fins

Force Fins still photos showing a bit of history and Force Fins in action from different locations around from around the world.

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Scuba Diving: Underwater Skills and Lessons

In Part 5 of our series on Scuba Diving, learns a few of the most important skills you’ll learn when you first begin to Scuba Dive with an instructor.

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One size fits all – Force Fin’s Comfort Instep

Force Fin’s Comfort Instep is a fleece lined foot pocket pad that cushions your foot against the fin while doubling the range of Force Fin sizes that fit your foot when using different footwear. For example a diver can use one pair pair of Force Fins for a wide variety of gear set ups – wet boots, drysuit and barefoot simply by adding or taking out the Comfort Instep.

Always size yourself up to the largest size footwear you think you will every use and simply use the Comfort Instep to change the size of foot pocket to meet your personal needs.

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How smart are your fins?

Bob Evans the president and designer of Force Fin gives us a lot to think about when it comes to using fins in the water. Are you using a smart fin? Are you experiencing freedom in the water?
In this video Bob Evans takes the time to explain why a Force Fin gives you a true aquatic experience.

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In Part 1 of our series on Scuba Diving, learns more about this exciting sport, and finds out who is best suited to try it as well as what makes Scuba so cool.

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