Sameera Reddy’s Scuba Diving Experience

Hi guys! As promised I’ve uploaded my Scuba Diving video for you. Scuba diving is really close to my heart and is the No 1 thing that I love. I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoyed being with all the beautiful creatures underwater in Thailand. Love ~ Sam

Duration : 0:10:27

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Vintage Dive Gear Demo

Dive gear demonstration showing how to use a vintage 1961 US Divers Aqua Master double hose regulator and Sea Hunt era mask, fins and steel scuba tank in a pool. Shows gear set up, equalization, mask clearing, regulator clearing, reserve valve use, and a doff and donn.

Model: Iara Mandyn
Produced by: Fathom Films

Duration : 0:5:21

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Duration : 0:2:51

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Cat Likes Swimming

cat likes to swim and dive

Duration : 0:1:21

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This is me during my first scuba diving experience ever. This was GREAT !
You breath like Darth Vader in the water ^^

Duration : 0:1:13

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