Terraria 1.1 – Diving Gear

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The Diving Gear is a new accessory item from 1.1 update. It is made from the Flippers and Diving Helmet, and combines their functionality.

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Scuba divers not checking air and run out and needed help. Dive within your limits!! In HD!

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A jewel in the South China Sea, Avillion Layang Layang Island Dive Resort has some outstanding diving on its 2000m deep walls. Famous for its hammerhead sharks and pristine coral reefs, Pulau Layang Layang is one of Asia’s top diving destinations. Produced by http://www.scubazoo.com

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Here is a taste of some of our beautful wall diving at Small Hope Bay Lodge on Andros Island. The resort is a ten minute boat ride from the 6000 ft deep Tongue of the Ocean, which gives our divers a lot of wall to dive! Scuba divers that come to the Bahamas for their scuba diving vacation enjoy a great diversity of diving – wall diving, wreck diving, reef scuba diving, shark diving – along with all the other wonderful activities at Small Hope Bay Lodge. It’s a perfect all inclusive Bahamas family vacation.

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