The history of scuba diving is very interesting. Many civilizations throughout time have engaged in breath-hold diving, also known as free-diving. The evidence of early free-diving is the finding of sea items found on land and ancient pictures of divers. These civilizations used free-diving to spearfish and also in competitions. The Ancient Greeks are known free-divers. They used free-diving to hunt for sponges and also in their military.

Some of the early attempts in the history of scuba diving to dive with the use of air include snorkeling with hollow reeds, using air-filled bags and diving bells. Diving bells are watertight chambers on cables. The diving bell is designed to remain full of air as it is pushed under water, allowing a few divers to be transported. These methods were not very efficient, however, and did not nearly resemble scuba diving as we know it today. The reeds did not allow divers to go deep into the water and air-filled bags soon filled with carbon-monoxide as the air was exhaled. Diving bells did not allow the divers much mobility.

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Information Regarding Scuba Diving Gear

There are many items required for scuba diving. Some of the scuba gear you will need is scuba tanks, regulators, masks, fins, suits and gauges. These items will ensure that you will have a safe and fun scuba adventure.

A scuba tank is a necessary piece of scuba gear. These are also called scuba cylinders. A scuba tank holds air and allows you to breathe on your underwater adventure. Scuba tanks are made from steel and aluminum. Steel scuba tanks are more expensive, but are more durable and will last longer. They also require more care and cleaning to avoid rust. Aluminum tanks are less expensive, but are more easily worn and dented. If you choose to rent your scuba equipment, be aware that most dive shops only rent aluminum scuba tanks.

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In this video I’ll show you how I take off my vintage scuba diving thick rubber men’s wetsuit after a dive. In the beginning of the video I’m shown standing in my thick rubber wetsuit in full scuba diving gear breathing the compressed air from my 80 cubic foot aluminum tank on my back. The undressing begins with me closing the surface breathing gill on the mask so I use the air from the tank. I take off my Scubapro fins and then I remove my knives and ankle weights. I loosen the adjustment straps on my BCD and I undo the velcro cummerbund around my waist. I take the Interspiro mask off of my smooth rubber hood and then remove the US Divers Cousteau BCD from my back and set it onto the floor. The vintage lead weight belt comes off and then I remove the smooth rubber wetsuit booties from each foot. The smooth rubber scuba diving vintage beavertail wetsuit jacket is unsnapped from between my legs and I remove the jacket. I undo the velcro strap on the smooth rubber vintage scuba diving wetsuit farmer john and I slide the straps off my shoulders and pull the wetsuit down to my ankles and finally off of my bare feet. I remove the smooth and thick rubber wetsuit hood from my face and I’m left standing in my U.S. Divers lycra diveskin. Watch my other videos to see me getting dressed into other suits.

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Scuba Cat and Scuba Dog

Advanced animal scuba cat and dog

Duration : 0:1:22

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Invicta Watch Men’s 0555 Russian Diver Collection Combat Black Carbon Fiber Swiss Watch


Brand Name: Invicta
Model number: 0555
Dial Window Material: Mineral Crystal
Display Type: Analog
Clasp: Buckle
Case material: Stainless Steel
Case diameter: 52 millimeters
Case Thickness: 15 Millimeters
Band material: Stainless Steel
Band width: 26 millimeters
Dial color: Combat Black
Movement: Swiss Quartz
Special Features: Combat Black, Luminous
Water resistant: 330 Feet, 100 Meters
Warranty Type: 1 Year Invicta Warranty

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