In this video I’ll show you how I get dressed into my custom made mens vintage smooth thick rubber scuba diving wetsuit and finish the video wearing my complete scuba gear on so I’m ready to dive. I start the video standing in my U.S. Divers lycra dive skin with a black hood. I put each foot and leg into the smooth, thick, rubber farmer john pants and then pull the smooth, thick, rubber wet suit up past my waist and then over my shoulders. I fasten the velcro strap on my left shoulder and then I reach for my smooth, thick, rubber scuba diving booties. Each foot easily slides into the slip-on custom made booties. Then I put an ankle wieght on each foot followed by a knife on each leg. Now, I grab my pair of Scubapro fins and put them on each foot. I grab my custom made smooth, thick, rubber wetsuit hood and I slide it over my face. Next comes the smooth ,thick, rubber beavertail wetsuit jacket. I zip up the zipper and fasten the smooth rubber beavertail flap between my legs. My vintage lead weight belt goes around my waist and then I grab my US Divers Cousteau BCD with all the accessories already attached and I throw it over my head and onto my rubber wetsuit covered shoulders. I put the Interspiro mask onto my face and I begin to breath through the compressed air in my U.S. Divers 80 cubic foot aluminum tank. I turn around so you can see all the equipment and then the video ends. Watch my other video of me undressing from this smooth rubber wetsuit and equiipment.

Duration : 0:7:18

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In this video I’ll show you how I take off my vintage scuba diving thick rubber men’s wetsuit after a dive. In the beginning of the video I’m shown standing in my thick rubber wetsuit in full scuba diving gear breathing the compressed air from my 80 cubic foot aluminum tank on my back. The undressing begins with me closing the surface breathing gill on the mask so I use the air from the tank. I take off my Scubapro fins and then I remove my knives and ankle weights. I loosen the adjustment straps on my BCD and I undo the velcro cummerbund around my waist. I take the Interspiro mask off of my smooth rubber hood and then remove the US Divers Cousteau BCD from my back and set it onto the floor. The vintage lead weight belt comes off and then I remove the smooth rubber wetsuit booties from each foot. The smooth rubber scuba diving vintage beavertail wetsuit jacket is unsnapped from between my legs and I remove the jacket. I undo the velcro strap on the smooth rubber vintage scuba diving wetsuit farmer john and I slide the straps off my shoulders and pull the wetsuit down to my ankles and finally off of my bare feet. I remove the smooth and thick rubber wetsuit hood from my face and I’m left standing in my U.S. Divers lycra diveskin. Watch my other videos to see me getting dressed into other suits.

Duration : 0:4:9

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Heavy SCUBA Diving Gear Frogwoman

Frogwoman Tatjana dressed from head to toe in her heavy Gates AM Pro vulcanized rubber drysuit and Ocean Reef Neptune full face mask and helmet.

Duration : 0:0:42

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Duration : 0:2:51

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Here I show you what my vintage 2 piece sharkskin wetsuit looks like when worn. The bottom of the wetsuit is a pant style unlike the modern farmer john which goes over your shoulders. The pant goes as high as your waist. The top has a beavertail flap which tucks between your legs and then 2 turning buttons hold the beavertail flap in place to the front of the jacket. The hood is a sharkskin hood as are the gloves. The mask is a vintage style 3 window wrap around mask. The boots are slip on and they don’t have the zippers like modern booties. The fins are vintage U.S. Divers Otarie footed fins. I have a vintage U.S. Diver’s depth gauge on my left wrist. The weight belt is a vintage style with lead weights. I spin around in the video to give you a 360 degree view of the beavertail flap and I unhook the flap and rehook the flap in the video to show you how it attaches to the jacket.

Duration : 0:1:41

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