Scuba Diver Girls Dive the Yukon!!! We chartered the Lois Ann and filled her up with Scuba Diver Girls and their friends! Our first dive was to the Mighty Yukon! She lies on her side and is making a beautiful home to marine life! We lucked out with the best visibility and we all had a ton of fun! Scuba Diver Girls would also like to thank Aqualung for letting us try out the SOL AFX wetsuit! It kept SDG Margo nice and toasty!

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Scuba Diver Girls Get Wreck Fever! The Scuba Diver Girls do three dives out at wreck alley on the Lois Ann dive boat.

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The Flying Force Fin and the HMCS Yukon

Force Fins with Winglets!

Designers of the fastest-moving yachts tested the hydrodynamic characteristics of Force Fins in Boeing’s Wind Tunnel. Force Fins proved to be of perfect dimensions for a diver to be propelled without turbulence.

One of those Designers asked Master Fin Designer Bob Evans to make one modification to the Force Fin for his personal use. Add Winglets to eliminate wing tip vortices, just like on aircraft. The Flying Force was born.

In this video Blair Mott uses the Flying Force Fin to propel him around the outside and inside of the wreck of the HMSC Yukon off the coast of San Diego, California.

Visit our equipment forum to learn more about the Flying Force Fin

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Scuba Diver Girls Product Test Divers D/Lyte The girls head out on the Lois Ann to do some wreck diving! The guys from Divers D/Lyte sent us some product to try out to see how we liked it! The girls all had a great dive!

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