I need help! I bought my kids a Nintendo Wii for christmas. They are 15 and 17. What games and accessories should I buy? I know nothing about this game system and don’t want to spoil the surprise my asking them! If it helps my daughter sings, plays soccer, works out alot and runs.My son scuba dives, fishes and plays WOW. I need all the ideas I can get! Thanks

Okay well since your daughter likes to sing they have iSing or highschool muscial for wii which is like a karaoke game it comes with a mic and everything…since she also works out you can try getting her Wii Fit or Wii Sports Resort which are fun games in my opinion….Okay and you say your son likes fishing, well they have a game called Hooked! which should do him fine…other then that…some cool games could be Mario Kart…Wario Smooth Moves maybe ?? Hope this helps