— Several Types of Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba activities are sport and travel under the sea.

This activity needs diving equipment in accordance with the activities that will be conducted.

Diving activities may be considered sport scuba diving requires specialized equipment such as exercise done in water at certain depths.

So someone who was in the depths of the sea must be equipped with instruments that can guarantee his safety.

But the kinds of scuba diving equipment that is used when making a diving depending on the type of diving.

For recreational diving or simply entertainment, one only needs some basic diving equipment, namely masks, snorkel (air suction devices), fin (frog legs) and the oxygen tank.

But for professional divers, there is scuba diving equipment and additional accessories that need to be used.

Scuba diving equipment like snorkel with J-shaped tube and a protective mouth at the lower end, can be used for snorkeling (skin diving) and for scuba diving.

Snorkeling is also wearing a diving mask (made of rubber / silicone, and glass) and the shape of the tool motion frog legs (fin) to increase the driving force in the legs.

Before doing any activities snorkeling, scuba divers have to learn how to use the first snorkel.

Snorkel is a tool to breathe through the mouth when in the water without having to look up from the water surface.

While scuba diving is to dive deeper than snorkeling and scuba diving equipment that should be more complete.

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