When most people think of the golf industry, the first career that come to mind are those of pro golfers. If they think a little harder, they’ll most likely come up with a list of careers that have to do with the maintenance and operation of golf facilities. Careers in the golf industry come in many more varieties than you would think.

Trick shot artist: You may find it interesting to use superior golf theories in order to plan trick shots for filming. Like the stunt driver of sports, a trick shot artist puts together those amazing shots that are only seen on Hollywood sets. A person in this type of career straddles the film industry and the golf industry, requiring knowledge of both.

Golf equipment tester: Imagine spending your days testing new styles of golf clubs, or driving golf carts around. If you think about it, someone has to test out all of that new equipment, and who better than someone who knows the golf industry inside and out.

Golf fashion designer: Golfers, whether professional or otherwise, care about what they wear just as much as any other athlete. Whether you play golf on TV, with your coworkers, or just with your buddies, there will always be people watching, and so good golf fashion is a must. As a golf fashion designer, your products can help set the trends for the entire golf industry.

Golf fashion model: No matter how good-looking he or she is, a model will not be able to sell what he or she can’t demonstrate accurately. Therefore, a model who knows the golf industry and has good form will be an asset to anyone selling a golf-related product.

Golf writer: Golf offers many different areas for writers to specialize in. Golf advertising writers and copywriters help write marketing materials for businesses in the golf industry, and golf journalists write news stories and magazine features for specialty publications. In all of these careers, it is vital that the writer be knowledgeable about the sport, so that he or she can write about golf accurately and confidently.

Scuba diver-Ball retriever: If you have ever wondered who retrieves all those balls that are hit into the golf course lake, here is your answer. If you can’t think of a more unique and enjoyable job than scuba diving for golf balls, then this one might be for you!

Golf psychologist: No, we don’t mean that the clubs need shrinks. As with many other popular sports, golf is highly competitive, and with intense competition comes stress, anxiety, depression, injury-related disorders, and many more psychological issues. A golf psychologists literally talks to members of the golf industry, such as professional golfers, in order to help them manage the repercussions of the sport.

As you can see, there are many interesting and unusual careers available in the golf industry. If you have a good golf education and a creative mind, the sky will be the only limit on what you can do with it.

Andy West