Okay, so I just got my scuba diving licence and i’m really into it. I know that I will be diving a lot in the future and I would like to have my own gear. The only problem is that my parents won’t pitch in any money and all i have is $1000 dollars. If you could tell me what equipment would be best I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Really all you need is a good wetsuit or two (a shorty and a full length, depending on where you want to go diving). Shorty for the Bahamas and South American areas, long for cold waters. Those only run about $60 each, depending on where you go.
A good set of fins, snorkel and mask can run you $200, but it’s worth it.
You don’t ever need your own tanks, you can’t fly them anywhere (they’ll explode from the pressure change) so everyone just rents them. They also supply weight belts.
You can buy an octopus/BCE, so you don’t have to rent them, most places will rent everything, including wetsuits, but it can cost you another $150 for a week of diving somewhere just for equipment. The octopus is the regulator, and if you are concerned about putting "strangers" regulators in your mouth (because they are rarely all that clean) then you will want to buy your own. A BCE is just a vest with air pockets that connects to the regulator, so your tank can keep air in it. It’s what keeps you afloat on the surface. The octopus and BCE are probably the most expensive pieces of the kit. I got mine used from friends who stopped diving, so I only paid $75 for the octopus, but I understand they can be very expensive. I don’t have a BCE, I rent it when I travel. It’s just one more thing I would have to pack, and with the weight restrictions, well, you know how it is!
The airlines used to give you 1 "scuba" suitcase free, no matter what the weight, because fins, octopus, neoprene suits weigh MORE than 50 pounds.
I haven’t travelled to a dive destination since all the "pay for luggage" crap started, so you’d have to ask the airlines on that one.