Okay so I sold off all my old equipment before I moved a few years ago as I was not going to be needing it or using it while I was away and it was too bulky to take with me on the off chance I would be using it.
So my question is what is the best out there at the moment to buy not only a BCD but the whole lot a new computer, diving watch, mask, fins all of it right down to a new diving knife and torch.

Sorry, but diving gear has branched out somewhat since you last got wet. Techie? Recreational and only an OW? Get my drift? The variety of gear out there is staggering, not just in the different disciplines but also fit these days.
My recommendation is to figure out what level you’ll be taking your diving and plan for that. No point in grabbing the first back inflation BC you come to that fits and then figure out you want to go tech and have to sell it because it won’t accommodate doubles. Same with a computer. Diving air only? Diving Nitrox? No point is spending the bucks on a 3 gas computer that’s only going to be used for air. Lights? Hey…HID for 1500 bucks or a LED for 120? Mask? Whatever fits your face and you like.
Once you’ve mulled over what type of diving you plan on doing then hit a dive shop or three and see what they have on the table for you.
You won’t get a reliable recommendation from what you’ve posted here. All that will get you is what works for someone else and going all one particular manufactuer is no different. Buy whatever , from whomever, that does what you want it to do for your price and easy service. It’s not a fashion show.
As an example, I’ll list what I use as a tech diver. You’ll soon see why everyone is different and different in what they are willing to spend.

BC’s? – Dive Rite TransPac II, rigged both dual and single with 3 different wings, one of which is an OMS that fits and has good lift. Ready to spend almost 3 grand on a bc that transitions back and forth? That’s what you’ll spend on this rig when it’s decked out.
I also own an OMS harness, including that wing I use on the TransPac on occasion. Another 800 bucks for the decked out harness with plate.

Computer? I have three. A Nitek, a Galileo Sol and my ancient but worthy B’Air.

Mask? My Cressi BE, because that’s what fits me and gives me a good view of…everywhere except behind me. If I want to see behind then I’ll use my Ocean Master Q. Handy when you know your dive buddy tends to wander off a lot. Instant rearview mirror with the side lens light bending capability.

Watch:??????? Yes, lot’s of ? Timex Iron man. Loud timer alarm, cheap, takes a beating and you don’t care if you run over it backing up to get your tanks loaded on your vehicle.

Fins?: Whatever floats your boat. I can’t use splits because of my kick style. On Blades I’ll out run anyone on splits, still have enough sprint in me and turn on a dime inside a wreck. You may be different.

Knife?: My old and trusty USD blunt tip. 20 years and nary a bit of rust. Holds it’s edge well. Shears are my backup as well as my little Blue BC toenail clipper.

Lights? Go nuts. My cannister HID, my UK 8D cell (incandescent) dive buddy basher, my 4 AAA cell UK and my other 4AAA cell UK.

Regs?: Two sets I use, depending on the dive. Ice dives get my old Sherwood Magnums simply because they are tried and proven environmentals. 10C and above, my Apeks ATX rule the roost because they’re O2 cleaned and ready for most of my dives. Good regs but I go with the devil I know when diving something I may regret thinking about. The Sherwoods are a 15 year old design that are idiot proof and have no bells or whistles that may fail. A little harder breathing at depth is all. Not by much over the Apeks at such a cheap cost.

Most of my sundry stuff is either OMS, Dive Rite or Halcyon.
Now maybe you’ll see why getting a gear reccomendation online isn’t exactly what you need to do.That gear works for me. Go visit a shop. They’ll be able to help you better to work for you.